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Berita CSM January 2011

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Message from the President of MSA

It is now six months since I became the President of the College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (CSAMM). I have had a busy time. As well as being the President of the College, I have also been busy with my “other” full-time job as a consultant surgeon and professor in the Department of Surgery in University Malaya Medical Centre. I have to thank my fellow council members, especially Dr Chew Loon Guan, the Vice President, and Dr Peter Wong, the Hon Secretary, for representing the College at meetings where I have been unable to attend due to work.

lDuring these past six months, I have attended regional meetings in Indonesia (College of Surgeons of Indonesia), Thailand (Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand) and Hong Kong (College of Surgeons of Hong Kong). It is important for the College to have links with the regional Colleges and these presidential meetings have focused on the role of training and credentialing of surgeons in view of the AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Agreement) where doctors can practise freely around the region.

Besides linkages with regional Colleges, the CSAMM has also continued with its role in education and training. The ATLS programme, run together with the Ministry of Health, is well-established now, under the leadership of the past President, Dr Lum Siew Kheong. I will take this opportunity to thank Dr Lum for bringing this internationally-recognised programme to Malaysia, which will allow local surgeons an opportunity to acquire the ATLS certification, which I am sure some of you are aware of, is a prerequisite for surgical jobs overseas, particularly in UK.

Surgical skills workshops continue to be run under the leadership of Dr Ramesh Gurunathan, who organised the very successful hernia and bowel anastomosis workshops, which are held in Seremban Hospital every year. Next year, the CSAMM plans to conduct some laparoscopic workshops together with the Department of Surgery, University of Malaya. These workshops are targeted at the surgical trainees in the Master of Surgery programme.

The CSAMM is also actively involved in the Masters Conjoint Boards in the various surgical disciplines, with two representatives in the Master of Surgery Conjoint Board. Professor David Choon, who started the Basic Surgical Sciences Examination a few years ago, has now successfully integrated it into the Master of Orthopaedic Surgery programme, making it a requirement for entry into the Masters programme. It is anticipated that the Master of Surgery programme will have a similar examination under the Conjoint Board which consists of representatives from the Ministry of Health, the three universities currently offering the Masters programme, and the CSAMM.

At the same time, the CSAMM also has representatives to the Fee Schedule committee set up by the Ministry of Health (represented by Assoc Prof Andrew Tan, Professor David Choon and Dr Peter Wong), and also has representation in the various surgical speciality committees of the National Specialist Register.

Finally, under the chairmanship of Dr Chew Loon Guan, the next Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the CSAMM will be held in Kuching from 19th - 22nd May 2011. An exciting programme with a focus on breast surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and surgical education has been developed and I hope that I will meet you all there.

C H Yip
College of Surgeons
Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
Email: chenghar.yip@gmail.com


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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress 2011

The RACS has given two complimentary registrations for their Congress in Adelaide, South Australia, to the
College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (CSAMM). The intention of this generous gesture is to
foster good ties between our Colleges. Details of the meeting and programme can be obtained from their website
http://asc.surgeons.org/. There is no Paediatric Surgery or Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery component.
This includes ONE Masterclass of the delegates’ choice.

Applications are invited from members of CSAMM for these two complimentary registrations offered to the
CSAMM. The following terms and conditions apply for all applicants:

  1. The application must be received at the CSAMM Secretariat before noon on 25th February 2011.
  2. The applicant must be a member of the CSAMM.
  3. The applicant should not be more than ten years post FRCS or MS.
  4. Applicants who have contributed to the activities of CSAMM and those whose papers have been accepted for oral presentation at the RACS meeting will be given preference (Please supply documentary proof)
  5. The following documents must be submitted:
    1. Letter of application giving the following details: Name, address, telephone, fax, email, current appointment and place of work, past contribution to CSAMM activities.
    2. Documentary proof: Copy of NRIC and Masters/ Fellowship certificate, letter of acceptance of oral paper at the RACS meeting.
    3. Applicants without documentary evidence as stated will not be considered

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3rd Asia Pacific Esophagogastric Cancer Congress 2010, Malaysia
Report by Dr Ramesh Gurunathan
Organizing Chairman 3rd APGCC 2010

The Malaysian Upper GI Surgical Club in collaboration with the College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, recently organized the 3rd Asia Pacific Esophagogastric Cancer Congress in the Swan Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre from 10th - 12th November 2010. The conference was very well attended with a registration of about 300 participants. This event is organized every two years with the first one being held in Singapore and the second one in Hong Kong.

The turn out for this year’s event has been the largest thus far and was very encouraging. The scientific content of the meeting had attracted many delegates from abroad including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Bhutan and the Middle East. The first day covered topics on stomach cancer and the second day on esophageal cancer. We had faculty from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, The United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Many interesting topics were discussed including “Challenges and Opportunities of Gastric cancer in the Asia Pacific region” which was delivered by Dr Takeshi Sano of the National Cancer Institute, Tokyo, Japan. Dr Sano is a well-known gastric cancer surgeon who has travelled around the globe, speaking on gastric cancer and formulating the latest staging for gastric cancer. Dr David Watson form Flinders University, Adelaide, well known for his work on Gastroesophageal reflux disease spoke on “Obesity, Reflux and Cancer - What are the Links”?

For the first time in Malaysia, we had posters in the form of electronic posters. We had three mounted HD Monitors with all abstracts of delegates and videos, which were displayed. On day three, the post congress workshop was held at University Malaya Medical Centre. This included a nutrition workshop and D2 gastrectomy workshop. There were about 30 participants for the nutrition workshop and 11 participants for the gastrectomy workshop. We managed to obtain two cadavers, who were in good condition for the gastrectomy workshop, and all participants had good hands – on experience. Dr Sano, Dr Han Kwan Yang and Dr Henry Sue-Ling from UK conducted the workshop. The gastrectomy was telecasted to another room for other participants to view.

The faculty was also treated to a dinner cruise at Putrajaya Lake, which turned out to be an exciting experience for everyone. This event would not have been successful without a capable organizing team under the guidance of the congress secretary Dr Mahadevan Deva Tata and his team.

The next APGCC will be hosted by Singapore in 2012 and we wish the next congress to be as successful as the 3rd APGCC.


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ATLS® International Meeting and the
American College of Surgeons 96th Annual Clinical Congress, Washington DC

2nd - 7th October 2010
Immediate Past President, CSAMM

I was privileged to represent the College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (CSAMM) at the ATLS International Meeting at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC from 2nd - 3rd October 2010 in my capacity as Chair of the ATLS program for Malaysia. After the ATLS meeting, I represented the President of CSAMM at the American College of Surgeons’ 96th Annual Clinical Congress at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC from 3rd - 7th October 2010.

Washington DC is the capital city of the USA with a good transportation network. It is a well planned, modern and clean city. Just as in most capital cities, the cost of living and accommodation is much higher than other cities. The weather was very pleasant and was around 18 deg C throughout my stay.

ATLS International Meeting

The meeting began at 0800 hr each morning and extended for two days. What was most impressive was the large representation from the entire ATLS family worldwide. More than 100 representatives from over 40 countries were present at the meeting. It is to the credit of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), who provided the leadership and resources, that they are able to bring together the entire ATLS family worldwide each year before the ACS Congress to improve trauma care in the world.

I delivered a short lecture on the ATLS Inaugural Course in Malaysia and the progress we have made since the Inaugural Course. This was well received and many congratulated me on the rapid progress we have made in conducting four Provider courses and an Instructor course within a year of the Inaugural course. This was considered an exceptional achievement.

We were split into groups, with about ten people from different countries in each group. Each group reviewed a chapter for the next edition of the ATLS Student manual. Some of the younger members of my group were very tech savy and were able to check references and provide landmark papers to support the recommendations of the ATLS manual with their iPods instantly. There were also a Professor of Surgery from Holland in my group who had an education degree. She did a fantastic job analysing the difficulty of the different MCQ tests given in the ATLS course. Participation at the break-up session left me no doubt about the quality of the ATLS manual and incredible amount of work which goes into the production of each revision of the ATLS manual. It is truly a worldwide effort and working with such an enthusiastic and committed group was truly inspiring and invigorating.

Another important feature of the ATLS meeting was the attention paid to acknowledging individuals who had contributed to the ATLS program worldwide. At the ATLS Award Recognition Ceremony, I was astounded to hear of some outstanding individuals who have conducted more than 100 courses in their country! What an incredible display of altruism and dedication.

American College of Surgeons’ 96th Annual Clinical Congress

The ACS Clinical Congress is without doubt the largest Congress of Surgery in the world. The space occupied by the meeting and exhibitors can easily occupy about three football fields. Only four venues in the USA have the space to hold the ACS Clinical Congress and they are in Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans and San Francisco.

The newly elected President, Dr LD Britt, follows the foot steps of the illustrious President Obama to become the first African American President of the ACS. His Presidential address which focussed on access and disparities in surgical care revealed the depth of his understanding and concern for the problem in the 21st Century and his address won him a standing ovation. There were numerous parallel clinical sessions during the Congress and many were recorded on video. These videos can be purchased from the Educational division of the ACS. I attended sessions on Surgical training, Health care policy, Breast surgery, Plastic surgery, Rural Surgery and Translational Research. All the sessions were of very high quality.

In addition to the clinical sessions, I attended the numerous official functions expected of me, namely, as a member of the Stage Party during the Convocation ceremony, the Opening Ceremony, the President’s dinner, the Board of Governors dinner and the Committee on Trauma dinner (on the invitation of the ATLS subcommittee). That took up all the nights I had. The ACS Congress has strong traditions where ivy league surgical programs in the USA host their own dinners in various rooms in the hotel to enable their present faculty to meet up with past residents and past faculty members attending the Congress. I was invited by Prof Julie Frieschlag, Chair of the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins to attend the Johns Hopkins alumni dinner. Prof Frieschlag and I began the Johns Hopkins Travelling fellowship to our Annual Scientific meeting three years ago and has been very supportive of me all these years so I made a special effort to attend the Johns Hopkins dinner for a while before attending the Committee on Trauma dinner in another nearby hotel.

All in all, attendance at the above two meetings was an enjoyable experience which enabled me to meet new friends and renewed friendships with many old friends. In addition, I learnt a lot from the clinical sessions of the Congress.

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College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting / Annual General Meeting 2011

Welcome to the Annual Scientific Meeting 2011 in KUCHING!

How to get to Kuching?

Kuching is the Capital City of Sarawak. It is readily accessed by air; served by Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and Air Asia, within Malaysia. There are many direct flights connecting Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Penang.

What about Kuching?

“Kuching” city is named after the “Cat”. It has a mixture of old and new; with ancient shops, hawker stalls, colonial relics, as well as, modern high rise buildings and shopping centres. You can shop at the souvenir and antics shops, visit the famous Museum and take an evening stroll along Kuching Waterfront which overlook the Sarawak River and the State Assembly Complex.

Where to stay?

Pullman Hotel, the venue for the conference, is a new and posh hotel, located at the city centre. It is within walking distance from Hilton, Grand Margerita, and Riverside Majestic hotels. There are also some budget hotels nearby, namely, Tune Hotel, Telang Usan, Hua Kuok Inn, Liwah, and Harbour View Hotels, and Somersat apartments.

What to see?

Sarawak is well known for its diverse culture and rich heritage. There are many indigenous tribes including the Ibans, Bedayuhs, Melanaus, Penans and Kelabits. Besides being well known for its friendly peoples and good food, Sarawak has many places of interests to the tourists and visitors. You are welcomed to contact the travel agents or the Sarawak Tourism Information Centre for further details.

We hope to be able to offer complimentary tour to our registered delegates, with the following options: i) City Tour, ii) Orang Utan or iii) River Cruise.

What to expect?

The Organising Committee is doing its best to provide you with a wide range of the latest advances and updates in Surgery, and also making your stay in Kuching a pleasant and memorable one.

We look forward to see you in Kuching from 19th to 22ndMay 2011.

Thank you.

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