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Presidents of the Congresses of Medicine

Year Name Congress Venue Congress
1963 Prof. Gordon Arthur Ransome Singapore First
1965 Mr. H.M. McGladdery Singapore Second
1967 Dr. Gwee Ah Leng Malaysia Third
1969 Ybhg Tan Sri Dr. Mohammed Din b. Ahmad Singapore Fourth
1970 Dr. Yahya Cohen Malaysia Fifth
1971 Ybhg Datuk Dr. S.M.A. Alhady Singapore Sixth
1972 Dr. Seah Cheng Siang Malaysia Seventh
1973 Ybhg Datuk Dr. R.P. Pillay Singapore Eighth
1974 Dr. Chew Chin Hin Malaysia Ninth
1975 Ybhg Datuk Dr. G.A. Sreenevasan Singapore Tenth
1976 Mr. Robert Loh Choo Kiat Malaysia Eleventh
1977 Ybhg Dato' Dr. Mahmood Merican Singapore Twelfth
1978 Mr. V.K. Pillay Malaysia Thirteenth
1979 Ybhg Dato' Dr. Mahmood Merican Singapore Fourteenth
1980 Dr. Lim Pin Malaysia Fifteenth
1982 Mr. Ng Chuan Wai Singapore Sixteenth
1983 Dr. Chow Khuan Wai Malaysia Seventeenth
1984 Ybhg Datuk Dr. V. Thuraisingham Singapore Eighteenth
1985 Dr. Lawrence Chan Kok Chin Malaysia Ninteenth
1986 Dr. Lim Say Wan Singapore Twentieth
1987 Dr. Lawrence Chan Kok Chin Malaysia Twenty-First
1988 Dr. Lim Say Wan Singapore Twenty-Second
1989 Dr. N.C. Tan Malaysia Twenty-Third
1990 Dr. Lim Say Wan Singapore Twenty-Fourth
1991 Mr. Raj Nambiar Malaysia Twenty-Fifth


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  • Council members of the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
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