College of Ophthalmologists,
Academy of Medicine of Malaysia

The Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the College was held 13th June 2015  at the Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Academies of Medicine Building, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. 17 members in benefits attended the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting elected eight council members.

  • Dr Andrew Tan Khian Khoon
  • Dr Elias Hussein
  • Dr Norfariza Ngah
  • Dr Anusiah Selvathurai
  • Dr Pall Singh
  • Datin Dr Thayanithi a/p Sandragasu
  • Dr Joseph Vijaya Alagaratnam
  • Dr Terrence Soong Kwong-Weng

The College's first council meeting was held at 6.00 p.m. on the same day, during which the council among themselves elected the following office bearers:

President: Dr Pall Singh
Deputy President: Dr Elias Hussein
Hon. Secretary: Dr Andrew Tan Khian Khoon
Hon. Treasurer: Datin Dr Thayanithi a/p Sandragasu
Hon Auditors: Dr George Thomas
Dr Cheong Fook Meng

Dr Elias Hussein and Dr Terrence Soong were appointed to set up a website for the College and gather the members' e-mail addresses

The Council held six meetings for the terms of office 2014-15. The attendance of council members is as follows:

Dr Pall Singh (6/6) President
Dr Elias Bin Hussein (6/6) Vice President
A/Prof Dr Andrew Tan K K (6/6) Hon Secretary
Datin DrThayanithi a/p K Sandragasu (6/6) Hon Treasurer
Dr Anusiah a/p Selvathurai (5/6) Council member
Dr Joseph VijayaAlagaratnam (4/6) Council member
Dr Nor Fariza BintiNgah (5/6) Council member
Dr Terrence Soong KwongWeng (4/6) Council member
Dr Fang Seng Kheong (4/6) MSO
A/Prof Dr Norliza binti Khaliddin (2/6) UMMC
Prof Dr Liza Sharmini Ahmad Tajudin (3/6) USM
A/Prof Dr Mae-Lynn Catherine Bastion (3/6) UKM

For the formation of the College, the College received a sum of RM20,000.00 from the College of Surgeons as goodwill which had already been duly deposited into the College account.

The College’s latest membership database as of May 2015 showed a total of 133 under the College of whom 35 are Life Members.

The College webpage is now functional and accessible; members can access the page via the Academy’s webpage. A link is available also on the College’s official Newsletter "my.eye"

The design for the College’s logo was adopted during the 5th council meeting held on 28th March 2015. The logo will now appear on all official documents of the College together with that of the Academy.

The Council proposed that it will seek the views of members on the formation of chapters and special interest groups at the coming annual general meeting.

During a symposium organised by the Ministry of Health on 6th April 2015 named “Survival Kit in Neuro-Ophthalmology” in which Dr James Barry Cullen was a speaker, Dr Cullen was presented with the “Outstanding Clinical Leadership Award in Ophthalmology” by the College of Ophthalmologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia.

The College co-organised with the Ministry of Health a refresher course in Medical Retina and Uveitis on 19th August 2015.

Report by:

Assoc Prof Dr Andrew Tan Khian Khoon
Hon. Secretary
College of Ophthalmologists
Academy of Medicine of Malaysia.