1. To improve and develop the Knowledge and Skills in the field of Ophthalmology.
  2. To encourage, promote and sponsor research and studies into Ophthalmology and its related fields.
  3. To hold periodical meetings for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge in all the various sub-specialties of Ophthalmology.
  4. To foster and achieve liaison with similar bodies nationally and globally.
  5. To liaise and co-ordinate the activities of the various sub-specialties of Ophthalmology in post-graduate trainings.
  6. To promote and maintain a high standard of ethics and professional conduct and practice amongst its members.
  7. To monitor and maintain a list of registered specialists in Ophthalmology in Malaysia under the National Specialist Register.
  8. To provide advice and recommendation to the relevant authorities in the development of post-graduate Ophthalmology education in Malaysia.